Promote your brand through
personal connections.

Put the very best people in the right places at the right moments to create consumer-direct engagements.

Success starts with brand ambassadors you can confidently deploy for any field-marketing program, including retail grand openings, sampling programs, influencer programs or when we’re simply providing quality event staffing for your own efforts.

We draw from a database of thousands of blue-chip brand ambassadors, models and spokespeople, and we’re always searching for more. They’re each recruited and vetted scrupulously for their intelligence and enthusiasm, how they align with your brand image and are thoroughly trained in your product, category and target audience.



To drive optimal field marketing results, TRG leverages local talent and insight by recruiting field personnel who intimately know the turf where your brand is battling it out and by researching every local market, partner, venue or opportunity. The advantages?

  • Promotes credibility and authenticity
  • Delivers valuable localized business intelligence
  • Enables effective grassroots programs
  • Allows quick adaptability to local opportunities and challenges

DIGITAL + social media


TRG amplifies the impact of any in-the-field program through seamless integration of digital and social media tactics:
  • Mobile/social media executions, such as photo/video uploads, augmented reality, geolocation, NFC and more
  • Promotions and rewards to encourage participation, social forwarding and influencer behaviors
  • Can be attached to any field execution: sampling, demos, experiential, stunts
  • Integrates with a brand’s own marketing/CRM/eCRM platforms

Touching Multicultural Audiences

We’re based in SoCal, so knowing how to reach diverse audiences is a must. TRG benefits clients with our huge experience in developing, staffing and executing programs that speak to multicultural audiences. We know precisely where and how to engage these specific audiences, with authenticity that benefits your brand.



  • Trade Shows
  • Mobile Tours
  • Experiential & Event Marketing
  • Street Teams
  • Local Store Marketing



  • Market Managers
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Bilingual Staffing
  • Trade Show Models
  • Product Sampling

Backed by Turnkey Logistics + Support

Any firm that places reps in front of consumers in your name needs to be able to maximize efficiency and minimize risk for you while making each program absolutely turnkey:

  • TRG has expert legal counsel on call to make sure any program meets every federal and local regulation.
  • We’re one of the few agencies in this space able to handle all hiring paperwork, insurance, bonding and tax requirements, and keep scrupulous records.
  • Our 38,000-square-foot warehouse and turnkey fulfillment operations lets us source and ship samples, premiums, costumes or kits to any field marketing team anywhere.
  • Our real-time reporting capabilities keep you on top of every program.

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