"Embrace Your Punch" tour kick-off at Hangout Fest!

"Embrace Your Punch" tour kick-off at Hangout Fest!


Love Sour Punch Candy? Going to Hangout Fest? You are in luck! The “Embrace Your Punch” Tour is kicking off in Gulf Shores! Here are the details:

Sour Punch®, one of America’s first sour candy brands, kicks off Summer 2018 with the “Embrace Your Punch” Tour at some of the biggest events happening around the country. The journey embarks this weekend on Friday May 18 at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama where visitors will have the opportunity to experience a unique pop up event and sample one-of-a-kind Sour Punch® Twists designed specifically for the tour. These special flavors will include Berry Lemonade, Grape-Pineapple, and Watermelon-Honeydew, along with five other fruit flavors.

The “Embrace Your Punch” tour will kick off at The Hangout Music Festival.

“Embrace Your Punch” is all about self-love and embracing what makes YOU, and each and every one of us, different. It’s about appreciating and celebrating those differences. We want people to focus on choosing kindness and the profound difference that could make if we all made that choice a little more often

The “Embrace Your Punch” pop-up at the Hangout Music Fest will feature an elaborate Sour Punch® themed-exhibit, with a uniquely built container as the centerpiece from which Sour Punch® ambassadors will distribute complimentary samples of the treats, along with other promotional items.

http://www.fox10tv.com/story/38214447/sour-punch-candy-tour-headed-to-hangout-festFor more information, including updates on the “Embrace Your Punch” tour please visit www.sourpunch.com.

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