Animal Planet Puppy Bowl X Interactive Fantasy Game

Animal Planet Puppy Bowl X Interactive Fantasy Game

Project: Discovery Channel called on The Regan Group to develop its first-ever interactive fantasy game to drive tune-in and engage viewers for its always-popular Animal Planet Puppy Bowl X (2014), their adorable version of the “other” big game.

TRG developed a platform that allowed users to…

  • Browse through puppies and add them to their team
  • Share their puppy team with friends
  • Compare their team’s “score” to those of Facebook friends who participated
  • On game day, users received multiple notifications reminding them to watch the game and check their team’s performance

The Puppy Bowl Fantasy Game was as successful as it was cute:

  • The platform TRG created helped Animal Planet’s ad sales team land a Puppy Bowl a marquee sponsor (AT&T) just before it launched.
  • 12,269 teams created
  • 7,834 shares on Facebook
  • 958 shares on Twitter
  • 102,661 page views
  • The Puppy Bowl itself saw a record 13.5 MM viewers!