Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen "Decades of Fun" Facebook Sweepstakes

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen "Decades of Fun" Facebook Sweepstakes

The Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen restaurant chain asks us regularly to come up with truly fun, offbeat and innovative social media sweepstakes …and for their 50th anniversary, they wanted The Regan Group to create another rewarding and engagement-driving experience for fans.

So TRG came up with a whimsical Facebook-page-based quiz that spanned the decades and gave users a reason to keep re-visiting:

  • 6 weeks of prizing and engagement, each week refreshed with a different decade (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, today)
  • Users who LIKE’d the page were brought to a sweepstakes entry page and asked 4-5 questions based on that decade’s cultural (and Villa) trivia.
  • Users could play as much as they wanted, with the quiz refreshed with questions from a larger pool and selected at random.
  • A cap was set for the number of times a user could enter the sweepstakes pool each week—but they could play the quiz as much as they like!
  • They could share the game with their Facebook friends
  • TRG picked weekly prize winners and one Grand prize winner
  • Weekly prizes were themed by decade — like a USB turntable for Sixties Week, an XBox with virtual arcade games for Eighties Week, and so on.

Results: The sticky quiz format kept people on the site 61-180 seconds, well above average promotion engagement.

Final results delighted the client, with 7,417 new Facebook LIKEs, 96,557 entries, 2,910 email opt-ins, and 3,822,732 total impressions