How To Launch An Effective And Result Driven Shopper Marketing Campaign

How To Launch An Effective And Result Driven Shopper Marketing  Campaign

While shopping in markets, have you ever wondered why you picked up a product that you were never intending to buy in the first place? Was it the packaging that impressed you or the way that the product was presented? Was it the free samples or the attractive price discount that lured you to add the product to your cart? Whatever it was, you bought the product and the business brand won by engaging more customers through effective shopper marketing strategies.


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If, as marketers, we talk about the credit, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the shopper marketing strategy played well for the respective brand. What is shopper marketing? Have you ever heard of that? In the digital world of marketing, shopper marketing is the domain that pays attention to the customers at the point of purchase. It includes all the strategies and tactics that play the last moment tricks on the customer’s mind and compels them that buy a product. The social media agency UAE emphasizes practicing good strategies. They say that there’s only a certain role that they can play in increasing the traffic and the rest depends on what happens in the market.  


Thus, to help you come up with a nice plan for your shopper marketing campaign, we have listed few tips that would help you turn the plan into reality. They are as follows:


1. Get insight on the shopper’s behavior

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The number one step to designing any marketing strategy is to find out the behavior of the consumer. This insight is essential information that the marketers need to find out. It tells you about how they think, what do they do, and what could influence them to take a step in their direction. Carl Hartman, the North America at Geometry Global CEO, said, “I think a great shopper marketing execution has both an insight around the shopper – and a true insight is not something generic, but something very specific and unique – and is compelling for the shopper from a behavioral perspective.”


Thus, you need to start knowing the shopper’s mission. Why have they come in the market? What are they looking for? How far will they go to get things other than what they want, and so on? In addition, find out about their pressure points. Is it time, money, or resources that have an impact on the shopper’s experience?


2. Understand the landscape of the path to purchase

The path to purchase is a long one. It begins with planning and goes all the way through shopping, buying, and using. Each and every phase is important and marketers need to come up with strategies that focus on each of these phases to engage more and more customers. Each phase has an impact on the other, so make sure the strategy you apply on one has a good effect on the next.


3. Spice it up with engaging and creative marketing ideas

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This step is where the marketers need to set their creative minds to work. What are the possible ways in which the marketers can attract the shoppers? Some of them are as follows:

  • • In the stores, you can set some attractive selling counters inside or outside the store
  • • Offer free tasting or trial experience to the shoppers and persuade them to buy the product
  • • Give them an incentive or discount to buy the product
  • • Increase the visibility of the product. You can use supersized products, board displays, and standees as well


4. Execute your campaign

The second last step in the shopper marketing strategy is the execution of the campaign. Now for this, you’ll need to recheck your mains. This includes the following:

  • • Goals and objectives: Make sure you have a relevant goals checklist for the marketing campaign you are about to execute. You must know what you want to achieve from the campaign.
  • • Budget: Have you allotted the desired budget and do you think it would be enough for your campaign? What would you do if you need some extra money? Would you look forward to arranging more or would you cut down some of the campaign stunts? You must have answers to such situations beforehand.
  • • Implementing the engaging techniques: It’s time you implement the creative idea and techniques you came up with. Give them an order or select them on a priority basis.


5. Analyze the results

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Social media service providers stress the importance of analyzing the work you do. Now, you must be wondering why that is so. Well, it’s because predictive analysis has brought some remarkable benefits to the surface. By measuring the success and failure of each step of the process, we get good data to support our strategies. We can then use them in our future campaigns as well or just emit the things that aren’t delivering good results.


With this, the launch of an effective campaign comes to an end. These tips are your one-way ticket to an effective and result driven approach towards shopper marketing. Try them out and see where they take you!



Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.
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