Learning the Language of Integrated Marketing

Learning the Language of Integrated Marketing

Hello, TRG followers!  Iris Chow and Blair Madsen here again!

As promised, Blair and I have compiled a list of words and abbreviations, their “official” definitions, and what they mean to us as interns.

We present to you The Integrated Marketing Intern’s Dictionary:




1. Alternate Method of Entry.

2. The method of entry which one uses to enter a sweepstakes if/when the primary method of entry does not work.

3. The Interns’ Definition: bins and bins of mail that need to be sorted through, organized, and numbered so a winner can be chosen for different sweepstakes. AMOEs are always fun…




1. Request For Proposal.

2. A document that a client sends out to one or multiple agencies requesting either a quote or creative/concept development.

3. Essentially a bidding process for a new project.

4. The Interns’ Definition: a term used a lot in the office describing a document handled by senior directors that seems to set everything into motion.




1. Purchase Orders.

2. A document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.

3. The Interns’ Definition: a document that is created (mostly by us) for any and all expenses made by TRG; stapled to the original invoice; and handed off to Karlina, our Executive Vice President of Operations.




1. The process of launching a content through sharing to gain free audience.

2. The Interns’ Definition: sending emails to multiple sweepstakes blogs and websites to spread the good news of TRG sweepstakes or contests to increase participation.




1. The act of producing new ideas in a group setting for existing, new, or potential clients.

2. The Interns’ Definition: the time where we get to sit on the big round brainstorm couch and spitball ideas that get put on the blackboard wall. Some of our ideas actually get to be executed! Really exciting things happen during brainstorms.


Stay tuned for more as we continue our internship at TRG!



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