An Intern's Day In The Life at The Regan Group

An Intern's Day In The Life at The Regan Group

Hi everyone!

It’s Iris and Blair again. It’s been a couple of weeks since our last blog post, sorry for keeping you all hanging. July has been a busy month at TRG!

If you’re wondering what a typical day is like as a TRG intern, let us fill you in on all the deets.

Blair and I start our day at 9AM in the office, and we’re usually assigned different tasks for different projects. Blair will help Jessica and Kelly, our Senior Director of Integrated Marketing + Promotions and our Account Coordinator, organize and number AMOEs from our various sweepstakes; and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the marketing term, AMOE stands for Alternate Means of Entry (don’t worry, Blair and I are working on a guide to marketing terms that we’ll share with all of you later on). Sometimes, I’ll help our Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Mike Costello, send out press releases to various media outlets or help create decks for potential clients.

Recently, Blair has been making a lot of phone calls to set up events for our clients like So Cal Gas and communicating with the grand prize winner for the Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen with Adam and David, our Director of Integrated Marketing + Promotions and our Digital + Social Media Accounts Manager. I have been helping Son, our Senior Account Coordinator, input data from our 2014 So Cal Gas Mobile Tour and the 2014 ESAP + CARE Experiential tour.

Blair and I also attend brainstorming sessions with Mike Semer, our Senior Director of Strategy + Creative, for new and existing clients. We also work with Sean, our Client Services Coordinator, and the warehouse to fulfill prizes for our winners.

Generally, the interns help whoever is in need of an extra pair of hands. We research events and prizes, create purchase orders, and pack up our trailer and truck with swag for events. We also are responsible for some office tasks like making copies, answering phone calls, and helping set up for meetings.

As you can see, our days as interns are filled with learning and doing. There’s something different every day here at TRG and there’s never a dull moment.

Well, until next time friends! And stay tuned for our version of Marketing for Dummies in our next blog entryå-nett.

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