How to Use Influencer Marketing for Your Event

How to Use Influencer Marketing for Your Event

Event Planners Miss Out on the Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Event planners might be shortchanging the business by not tapping influencer marketing to reach potential customers. The way to promote a business brand has changed drastically in the last decades. In particular, the emergence of influencer marketing has gained traction as an effective method in business branding. Events are viewed as venues to gather people, expose the brand, and expand customer base. Connecting an event with influencers is a good strategy to attain success in brand awareness. By not exploiting influencer marketing, event planners are missing out on the advantages of using it to promote the business.


The Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective tool that can be used at events to achieve several goals. If you are an event planner, using influencer marketing will enhance brand recognition through the network of influencers. Their social reach and network are wide and they can easily penetrate customers, create a buzz, and make your brand visible without you ever being involved. In a way, you are delegating the task of promoting the brand to these influencers so that you can concentrate on the important aspects of the event that you are planning.


How to Use Influencer Marketing for Events

Events are seen as important occasions to introduce a brand, create awareness, generate leads and get customers. For an event to be deemed successful, you have to look at the purpose and some metrics. As an event planner, you have a budget allocated for events. Attendance to your event is of high importance, as it will determine also your ROI. You might devise metrics to gauge the success of an event including attendance rate, opportunities created or deals that were closed.


One of the targets you would like to achieve is to increase attendance. This is where influencers come in. They have a wide social reach for their own brand through media channels or their blogs. Influencers have a dedicated following and they have a trusting and well-established relationship with their brand. The multiplier effects of influencer marketing can help enormously in the success of your events increasing attendance and generating that solid clientele base. The trick is to find the right influencers for your brand. You can use your client list, go to an influencer marketing company, post ads or use social media. Compensation varies, of course, depending on the size of your brand from monetary to promoting an influencer. The bottom line is influencer marketing does have benefits that not only includes high attendance rate, but also opportunities and leads for the business that define a successful event.


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