The Yummification is Underway (with this TRG UGC Promotion)!

The Yummification is Underway (with this TRG UGC Promotion)!

5HrYummification_Widget_LandingR3.2_FIN-2Presenting the latest program by TRG — a user generated content (UGC) initiative where we’ll be rewarding 5-Hour Energy consumers for “Yummifying” the product!

It’s a recipe content with guidelines as to what are “acceptable” and “unacceptable” beverage combinations (sorry, kids, no vodka-and-5-Hour mixology here!) that lets the brand combat one area of consumer resistance — its taste — by helping the audience educate itself about the mixing options available.  And rewarding them with prizes of up to $50,000 for uploading a video of their “Yummification” experience.

That’s the kind of rich reward that’s essential to the success of any user-generated content program.  The initial threshold of taking an action that goes beyond a simple click-t0-enter can be steep enough to deter participation, unless you offer a truly enticing potential payoff.

Check out the contest for yourself!


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