2019 Brand Activation Outlook

If the $6.2 billion spent on Black Friday in 2018 is any indicator of the future, it looks like 2019 will be a banner year for both Digital and Mobile Marketing.  More $2.7 billion was spent via smart phones, and another $600 million coming from tablets. The remaining 55+% of the billions of dollars spent online was generated through desktop. So, what does this mean?


The big growth in brand activation campaigns will come from all things digital / mobile.  Intelligent brands will need to invest in campaigns that provide Reach, present the opportunity for consumers Engage with brands in a digital and mobile world, and develop easy ways for consumers to Engage.


Audience Reach will continue to be generated primarily through paid media, but the focus will be on digital and mobile platforms such as Paid Search, Display, SEO, and geographically targeted mobile channels.


Influencer Marketing and Social Media (with boosted posts) will play an ever-growing role in consumer activation in 2019. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Recommendations From People I Know remains the most trusted form of advertising, which suggests that these highly trusted media channels will enable brands to generate large scale awareness, positive opinion, purchase consideration and intent.


Consumer Engagement will continue to be driven by Loyalty Programs, Influencer Marketing, email marketing, games, and receipt scanning, etc.


And, the use of video content online and in mobile environments, especially in vignetts of 2-minutes or less, will continue to be gobbled-up by consumers and used by search engines for relevancy.

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